Preventive Dental Care in Compton, California

Ensure you maintain good oral health when you come to Golden State Dental Group - Dr. Murthy located in Compton, California, for preventive dental care. From routine cleanings to fluoride treatments, our office offers a wide range of preventive dental services to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Mouth, Preventive Dental Care in Compton, CA

The Importance of Prevention

Like your body, your teeth need regular checkups to keep them healthy. Without routine preventive dental care, you may face costly procedures down the road to maintain your smile. The most effective way to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases is combining our professional preventive dental care with routine at-home care. Check out our additional resources to find out what else you can do to maintain a healthy smile.
Preventing Problems
• Sealants
• Fluoride Treatment
• Digital X-Rays

• Recommendations for Home Care

• Exams & Cleanings

Treating Periodontal Disease

Even when you brush, floss, and rinse, the dentist may find periodontal (gum) disease during your exam. With our experience, we can quickly diagnose the disease, as well as determine the right treatment plan to help you maintain your oral health.

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